Kaden’s Comments: Rebirth


Kaden Gass, Staff Writer

There’s a common saying that people can’t change; that they can’t alter their ways so easily. Which, in part, is true, but overall not impossible. People change everyday; incremental change. Saying change is impossible is saying that the world doesn’t spin or that seasons don’t exist, it’s a part of the fabric of our life and takes place all around us.

I know I write about change a lot, but it’s such an integral part of growing up and becoming your best self. Stars can’t shine without darkness. Change is inevitable. It’s also terrifying. Terrifying because you never know what’s going to happen and there’s fear of unknown possibilities.

As good as I am putting thoughts into words, a poem by Alex Elle named “Rebirth” captures change so effortlessly that I wanted to share it with you.




There will be moments when

you will bloom fully and then

wilt, only to bloom again.

if we can learn anything from

flowers it is that resilience is born

even when we feel like we are



This idea that even when life seems cold (fall) and you start to wilt and retreat back into the ground for an extent of time (winter) only to bloom again (spring) and become more vibrant and stronger than ever (summer) is such a simple yet perfect way to describe the fabric of fate that all living things experience in life. I think what’s important to realize and take away from this poem is that even though life is constantly changing and unbearable at times, there’s always room for new opportunity and new growth despite your past.

As the leaves all around us start to turn color and fall to the ground, it’s a reminder that change is imminent. Whether it be good or bad, the world keeps moving and so should we. And no matter how sad or scary that thought may seem, a new cycle begins and a new season takes place.