Help! I am a Broke College Student That’s Sick of Ramen

Anna Frazier, Managing/News Editor

Welcome to HIAABCSTSOR–a cooking blog of sorts for college students, by college students. This series is inspired by my own dilemma: a college student who cares about her health but also has to be money-smart. All while also trying out being an adult for the first time. Join us on our quest for good, nutritious, and simple food that hopefully won’t break the bank. We don’t know much, we’re not real adults here.

Recipe 2

Banana Pancakes That Don’t Suck

Okay, those two ingredient banana pancakes on Pinterest do not suck, they are just hard to flip and aren’t especially filling. We need food that actually fills our bellies around here! I like to make these particular pancakes after a morning workout on relaxing weekends. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge and reheated for a quick meal on weekdays, too! Peanut butter and honey are my personal favorite toppings, but these are pancakes–top as your heart desires.

Ingredients and tools needed:

Staples (stuff you probably have or wouldn’t hurt to stock up on)

  • Frying pan (big as possible probably)
  • Oil or alternative–I used coconut oil which I got from a certain store that sells everything for one dollar at… you guessed it, one dollar.
  • Flipping tool (are those called spatulas too?)
  • Cinnamon and/or nutmeg and/or pumpkin pie spice
  • Fork
  • Big bowl
  • Plate and fork and stuff (for serving)

Stuff to buy:

  • Banana(s) I use the ones that go brown on me too fast! I’m not a fan of brown bananas on their own. I normally get 4 for about $1, but, for whatever reason, my kitchen makes them brown within days. No need to waste them!
  • Pancake mix I like the 10-grain pancake mix (from the bulk food section) because it is actually quite filling! I imagine that a protein mix, a buttermilk mix, or even a homemade mix would work just as well. I got about a dollar’s worth and had lots of leftovers for future cooking endeavors. 
  • Egg or two, depending on volume If you have an egg alternative that works for you, use that! The egg is the “glue” in this situation and they are literally so cheap. You can usually buy a dozen for just over a dollar.
  • Milk or milk alternative This is my “ahh help it’s too thick!” tool. You may not need it, but have it on hand just in case.

Toppings (Just suggestions, but feel free to mix and match!):

  • Peanut or alternative nut butter I prefer the sugar-free kind so I can feel fancy. 
  • Honey or syrup I use honey because I have lots of it and I like the taste more than syrup. 
  • Butter or alternative
  • Whipped cream or alternative
  • Jam or jelly
  • Fruit/nuts/whatever else you like on pancakes

Time to cook!

  1. Heat some oil in a skillet/frying pan on the stove at medium heat. I put a little coconut oil on a metal spoon and hold it against the pan until the oil melts and I can drip it into the pan. Spread into a thin layer.
  2. Unpeel a banana(s) and use a fork to mash it up in a large bowl. Smooth out the lumps if you can, but lumps are not the end of the world either. It should look like molten magma.
  3. Crack an egg into the large bowl. Stir egg into the banana until well-combined. . Add a reasonable amount of cinnamon/spice/everything nice if you’d like it.
  4. Okay, this part is going to frustrate a lot of you. There is no real recipe, per-say. Hold onto your hats…
  5. Using a fork, whisk some pancake mix in with your egg and banana.. Add-and-whisk until you get a “good” consistency. It should be runny (lumps are okay) without being liquid. There is no wrong answer. The less runny, the fluffier your pancakes will be. The more runny, the flatter. 
  6. Uh oh! Did you put too much mix and now it’s too dry? Mash up another banana, add some milk or alternative milk, or crack another egg. There are no rules, just make it a good consistency for scooping onto the pan.
  7. Scoop the mix onto your pan, spreading a little if necessary. I like to make ones the size of a baby’s fist.
  8. Allow to cook until bubbles pop and stay as little holes in the pancake. Flip and cook until browned on that side. Transfer to a plate once you’re satisfied.
  9. Continue this process*.
  10. Top with your favorite toppings. 

*I recommend cooking all leftover batter and then heating up pancakes throughout the week for a less-than-five-minute breakfast.

Fun idea: One time I bought low-sodium butternut squash soup that was just grossly sweet. Seriously, it tasted like a cinnamon roll. But I hate wasting things, so I used THAT instead of the banana in this situation, and didn’t add extra spice. It was delicious! Don’t be afraid to try new things. 


Tell us about something new or weird that was surprisingly good in the comments below!