Best fashion statements at The Met Gala


Laney Green, Life and Culture Editor

This is America, now let’s talk fashion.

The Met Gala took place last Monday night for the first time since May 2019. The annual charity event that supports The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute hosted a slightly more intimate event this year due to the ongoing pandemic. The theme centered around ‘American Independence’ to highlight the new exhibit, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion

The Met is an occasion that exudes the wealth of the famed, mingling in luxurious outfits. However, this year some celebrities used the theme as an opportunity to make powerful social and political statements. Here are the top 3 statements of The Met 2021:

Spread the Wealth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (often casually referred to as ‘AOC’), a congresswoman known for her efforts of supporting the working-class over elite individuals, stepped onto The Met Gala carpet in a seemingly simplistic white gown. Until she turned around, that is. In bright red lettering, the words Tax The Rich were etched across the body of her dress. At an event where ticket prices per person sit pristinely at $35,000, it’s no wonder AOC decided this was the time and place to deliver such a message. Having a Black immigrant female, known as Aurora James, design her gown also helped solidify her statement.

The model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne also showcased a political stance with a message on her costume. Similar to AOC’s look, Delevingne took to the carpet in an all-white outfit. However, her two-piece look read Peg the Patriarchy across the chest in red lettering. Her top also resembled a bullet-proof vest, adding yet another eye-catching political undertone to her overall look. Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri supported Delevingne’s vision and made the design come to life.


Among others, professional soccer player and activist Megan Rapinoe and actor Dan Levy took the event by storm dressed in outfits with pro-gay statements. Both openly gay socialites dawned outfits that showcased their individual queer representation. 

Rapinoe’s outfit consisted of a a patriotic red pant suit, paired with an unbuttoned blue star stamped dress shirt and a handbag that stated In Gay We Trust. Her ensemble was designed by Sergio Hudson, a designer and brand that specializes in creating “power and sexiness, while maintaining elegance and class.”

In a similar fashion, Levy debuted a custom outfit designed by Jonathan Anderson. The elaborate costume incorporated different pieces of a world map and highlighted two men kissing across Levy’s chest. The piece also included balloon sleeves that dramatized the whole ensemble. The outfit’s design reportedly reflects the work of David Wojnarowicz, an artist known for projecting an acceptance of queer people.

Cultural Representation

Quannah Chasinghorse dressed in a golden gown that highlighted her Indigenous roots for her Met Gala debut. Designer Peter Dundas created her dress in reference to her heritage and Native American culture in accordance to the night’s American theme. Every piece of jewelry, mostly turquoise and from her aunt’s personal collection, tied into the look which created even more meaning for the model and the transparent statement she hoped to make.

With an outfit more or less on theme, Formula 1 racing star Lewis Hamilton represented Black culture less by his look and more by his actions. Hamilton bought a whole table, a gesture worth over $60,000, for this year’s event and invited a handful of underrepresented Black designers. Hamilton’s prerogative was to gain attention and start a conversation to help these emerging artists have their names heard and talent appreciated. His initiative definitely sparked intrigue and was deemed very on par with the American Independence theme.

What did you think of the statements made at The Met Gala this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.