Things to do on the next mid-week break


Art by Camille Lubach

Lily Hanridge, Staff Writer

This year’s #springbreak may seem different than how we imagined it a year ago, but luckily Linfield is giving us exactly what we want with random days off during the week in of the weirdest semesters we will probably ever go through. 

These random mid-week breaks give Linfield students just the appropriate amount of time to rest and reset our minds since after all, we are going to college during a pandemic. To better prepare for our next day off on April 8th, I am going to give you possible suggestions for how to spend your time wisely and get the most out of your “spring break”. 

My first suggestion for you is to book a one-way ticket to Cabo. Throw out your mask and throw in your cutest swimsuit because you are going whale-watching and possibly to swim with dolphins. 

Cabo this time of year is a lovely 71 degrees with 46% humidity and 0 precipitation. Yes, you read that correctly, 0% precipitation. So, definitely take this time to travel, enjoy some fresh fish tacos on the beach, soak up that much needed sun, and do not forget to thank Linfield for giving you the time to do so. 

Another possible activity for April 8th is a quick road trip to Yellowstone. Being on campus for such a long time has left a lot of us with a case of cabin fever. A new change in scenery is necessary and what better place to see than Yellowstone? It is such a scenic place with tremendous Bison, endless meadows, and even the famous Old Faithful Geyser itself. 

Along with your day trip to Yellowstone, don’t forget your hiking gear. Since there will definitely be time, a 10 mile hike to Glacier Point back down to the valley floor will be easy peasy. Maybe if Linfield decides to give us 2 days off next time, there could be time to visit the waterfalls situated around the national park as well.

So, since these travel destinations are obviously unrealistic and unsafe, it is understandable why Linfield decided to have #springbreak like this. These 3 random days we have off throughout the semester to replace our beloved #springbreak are to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

We all see the empty parking spaces along Linfield Ave during the weekend and relish in the fact that we can finally find parking behind our apartment. Linfield, I think we can all agree that people are leaving on the weekend anyway, so what is the harm in adding on an extra day? I think I can speak for some Linfield students when I say that it is easier to rest and relax on a Friday or Monday than it is to on other days. Other days tend to be awkward or abrupt and throw off my sacred weekly routine. 

On the real, Linfield did give us Thursday, April 8th off, so it should be used for rest and relaxation at least a little bit. Even though it really is not a lot of time, doing some sort of self-care could give you a boost of energy to have the best Friday you’ve ever had! 

Hopefully, next year’s spring break allows Linfield students to have more time to rest and reset. It is understandable that with COVID, a whole week off is risky and unsafe, however, the feeling of burnout is so real. 

Since April 8th is forecasted to be 54 degrees and rainy, it might be a cozy day inside on campus. On this cozy day, starting a movie marathon, baking, and hanging out with roommates could be the perfect day.