Linfield Confess is way overdue


Kaden Gass

I have two words to describe Linfield Confess: absolutely iconic. I mean, have you seen it? It’s absolute genius to the point where I wish I created it. 

For those of you that live under a rock, Linfield Confess is a new (unofficial and unaffiliated) informative Instagram page for everything Linfield. The author is completely anonymous, and everything is “mostly” censored. The page operates through an anonymous Google doc in which people submit confessions about their experiences at Linfield.

I think this was long overdue. It’s a great outlet to get students involved in talking about current issues that we may be facing as a student population, while not really throwing anyone under the bus. I say “not really” because there are still instances in which some names are used (only 1 or 2 times) and as a writer for this paper, that is a no no. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

There’s another part of me that’s jealous of Linfield Confess because I basically was a walking Linfield Confess my freshman and sophomore year. I had all the tea, and that made me so powerful. It’s really nice though to see someone attempting to follow my footsteps and carry on the legacy (someone has to do it). 

The other thing I really respect about this page is that the author is so conscious about what they post and will not post anything that is degrading to anyone or intrusive in any way, so props to them. They really go the extra mile to promote content that is informative but still respectful.

This is a new generational thing at Linfield and I think it’s great! The students really need this as a way to just vent our feelings. And while there may be a couple hiccups along the way, that’s something that’s really easy to fix! 

As this continues I expect it to remain as respectful, professional and informational. Linfield Confess has already garnered a lot of support, and I can only see it going up.