Beach bummer


Kaden Gass, Staff Writer

We’ve been in a pandemic for a whole year. And with that, no one has been really able to travel safely and have a vacation that feels leisurely. I don’t know about you, but sis just wants to go to the beach and get a tan without the fear of basically dying. I’m really looking forward to the day where I can book an airplane ticket to Cabo and just forget about the hardships of life.

But speaking of traveling, when’s the best time to do it? I am a firm believer that one should travel while they’re young and are able to experience life freely and are not tied down. Someone that’s looking to travel during this pandemic may have better luck than people think. 

If we look at common trends, especially during the front end of this pandemic, you could travel anywhere for less than 100 dollars. I remember looking at a United flight to Phoenix and it was 38 dollars with free checked bags. 

That’s crazy if you think about it! Not once in my lifetime have I seen a roundtrip trip offer for less than 100 dollars, the perfect price for someone looking to travel domestically on a budget. Even to this day, while people have figured out how to be smarter with the virus, there are still pretty cheap tickets to places that aren’t gross Nebraska (sorry if you’re from Nebraska, but it’s true).

My point is, you don’t have to be miserable during this ongoing pandemic. There are things to do even in our own backyards. So if you miss going to the beach, schedule your plans to go somewhere warm (that isn’t a Covid hotspot) and step out of your comfort zone and experience new things, because 1. it’s not going to get any cheaper, and 2. you’re not going to get any younger. So why not experience life to its fullest? Bring a friend, take a road trip, but most importantly, make memories too.