Linfield Freshman to form a Turning Point USA Chapter


Via the Linfield Turning Point Instagram

Emma Campbell, and Reid Sturn, ’24, as featured on the Linfield Turning Point Instagram.

Alexandra Feller, Editor-in-chief

A tabling event hosted by Turning Point USA (TPUSA) caught the attention of Linfield students walking past Dillin dining hall in the afternoon on Tuesday, January 19.

Since they’re not considered an official club by ASLU, they held their tabeling event on Linfield Avenue—a public street that permits visitors. Without approval from the student senate, the club will not receive school funding or be able to host official events on Linfield campus according to ASLU President Sean Webster.

Austin Nealeigh, a TPUSA recruiter from Newburg, tabled at Linfield last October. During this event, he met freshman Reid Sturn, who wants to start a TPUSA Chapter at Linfield.

Since the event, Sturn has decided to fill out the proper paperwork so his TPUSA Chapter will be recognized by ASLU. 

TPUSA is an organization founded by Charlie Kirk, who also owns his own news network. Kirk claims that TPUSA is non-partisan, but many of the issues they support—like free speech, small government, and free market—fall in alignment with Republican party ideals. 

Additionally, Kirk was a speaker at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

TPUSA endorses a variety of conservative personalities like Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson, and Ben Shapiro. The organization helps local chapters around the United States set up events for these individuals to speak at different high school and college campuses.

They also host an annual Youth Action Summit. Sturn attended the summit in December 2020 with Nealeigh. At the summit, he met President Donald Trump Jr., saw Tucker Carlson speak, along with Charlie Kirk and others.
“It was awesome, Tucker Carlson came out, just like a rockstar,” Sturn said.

Sturn attends Linfield Republican Club meetings, and has asked president of the club, Emma Campbell to be the secretary for the chapter.

Campbell said she thinks most of the members of Republican club will attend the Turning point club. She indicated that it will be another community for Republicans on campus.

Mikayla Minton, president of the Linfield Democrats Club, is surprised that members of Republican Club want to partner with TPUSA, “It’s just a farther right version of what they believe,” she said.

Minton continued with a reminder of the Democrat club’s mission, “We are here to have conversations with students and interact with organizations, we are not here to interact with any outside organizations,” she said. “We don’t want to change our club to a particular part of politics.”

Campbell, a freshman, established the Linfield Republicans Club with an intention of “coming in peace and having conversations,” she said. They felt that Linfield lacked a diverse political presence, and wanted to make sure all voices were represented.

Sturn said it is important to start TPUSA, “to educate people, and try to get people to think the right things. It is beneficial for kids to get out and get their voices heard,” he said.