Digital art in a physical gallery


The Lou Gallery entrance

Nicole Sterba, Life & Culture Editor

The Linfield University Art department continues to bring much-needed color to campus, even as COVID guidelines limit normal student life. What’s more fun than creating art virtually?

Mid October, students showcased their talents through digital art pieces that are currently on display in the Linfield Gallery.

Piece by Clementine Dorsey

 This art form relies heavily on technology and computer processes to create or present. Digital art is gaining more popularity in the modern era as technology shifts constantly.

The Linfield Gallery features student work from two classes combined, ARTS242: Topics in Digital Art and ARTS342: Digital Art

Both classes had proposed topics for their projects and created brilliant works of art in a completely digital format. The pieces were then printed and hung.

Piece by Elliott Montbriand

Students from ARTS242 used a program called Adobe Illustrator to respond to the prompt “Graphic Simplicity.” Clean lines and bright colors can be seen throughout the student’s work in the gallery, with an array of pieces to look at.

The assignment for ARTS342 also used Adobe Illustrator but had a different angle. Since there are only two students in the class, and both students showed a personal interest in branding and promotional projects. Mood boards and creative briefs were used to complete this assignment that is displayed in the gallery. According to the assignment, “a creative brief gives a designer a better understanding of you and your company.”

Pieces from left to right: Chandler Morris, Laina Reichelderfer, Puna Padayhag-Himilaya, and Nathaly Sanchez

The Wine Studies Department asked the students of ARTS342 to redesign their wine labels, so the pictures featured in the gallery are the first few drafts of their rebranding visions.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. The gallery is located in the James F. Miller Fine Arts Center on the McMinnville campus.

Each week the gallery changes, so make sure to stop in for a look or check it out over social media!