Linfield remains optimistic about spring 2021 study abroad


Anne Walkup

Linfield study abroad takes students all over the world, such as Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Anne Walkup, Staff Writer

Though COVID-19 still threatens to interfere, Linfield’s International Programs Office (IPO) is keeping spring 2021 study abroad opportunities on the table. 

Director of International Programs, Shaik Ismail, said that many of Linfield’s study abroad programs begin as late as the end of February or March, so there is still time to assess the situation in each program’s location. Destinations slated for spring 2021 are Australia, Chile, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and Norway. 

“We are following travel advisories from the U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control,” Ismail said. “Since the situation varies from country to country due to immigration and border restrictions, in addition to the health concerns, IPO will update students accordingly.”

IPO had to cancel all fall 2020 and January-term 2021 study abroad programs. Ismail said that Linfield’s international programs are a primary reason some students choose to attend the school, so he knows that those who were hoping to go abroad during those semesters must have been disappointed. 

He said that although COVID has been “a nightmare” for study abroad programs, he feels that “the unfortunate impact will release a new energy and enthusiasm.” He also expects study abroad enrollment to increase post-coronavirus due to students’ readiness to explore the world after having been denied the opportunity to do so. 

Ismail said that IPO is working with academic advisors and the Registrar’s Office to make necessary adjustments for the International Relations and Global Language major and minor requirements. They are trying to offer the best solution for each student and are making changes according to students’ needs. 

“The pandemic has taught us how interdependent and interconnected our world is,” said Ismail. “As an example, with the vaccine development, we have seen how scientists across nations and cultures work together for the common good.

“Our students will cherish the thought of working together, across disciplines, across cultures to become global citizens.” 

IPO is accepting applications for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semester/year programs.The deadline to submit applications for non-first year students is Sept. 30, 2020.  First year students may apply during the next application cycle in February. That deadline is Feb. 19, 2021. 

For more information, contact [email protected] to learn more about study abroad options and the application process.