Davis announces Linfield’s fall reopening



Linfield plans to reopen in the fall with in-person classes.

Alex Jensen, Managing Editor

President Miles Davis announced yesterday Linfield will reopen in the fall for in-person classes in a campus wide email. 

“We will be doing everything we can to keep you safe,” Davis said in the email to students. “We are going to comply with the best scientific data, as well as make sure you have a good, positive experience on campus.” 

To provide a commitment to students’ education, one-on-one connections with faculty, a vibrant and resilient residential community, opportunities for both classroom and experiential learning, robust technological support and a nurturing and healthy environment. 

For fall semester, Linfield has implemented the following guidelines:

  • All classes will be limited to 25 or fewer people.
  • A wide range of physical-distancing policies will be instituted.
  • First-year students will arrive for orientation and experiential community building the week of August 17.
  • Classes will begin on the McMinnville campus August 24, and on the Portland campus August 31.
  • There is no fall break, and in-person classes will end before Thanksgiving.
  • After Thanksgiving, there will be remote learning and exams to complete the semester.
  • To prepare for the fall and in anticipation of Yamhill County entering Phase II of its reopening plan, the McMinnville campus will welcome all employees back to work on Monday, June 15.
  • Linfield will remain flexible and be prepared to change further as the situation evolves.

The college is working on finalizing policies describing the use of face coverings and social distancing requirements, Susan Hopp, vice president of student affairs, said in an email.   

“Since the campus moved into the virtual world this spring many staff, faculty and administrators on both the Portland and McMinnville campuses have been working diligently to plan for the reopening of Linfield,” Patricia Haddeland, director of student health, wellness and counseling center, said in an email. 

When students, faculty and staff are back on-campus there are a lot of simple things that can be done to protect the health of the community, Haddeland said. 

  • Monitor your health. Don’t come to class or work if you are sick.  We will be providing a Self-Health Monitoring checklist and asking all Linfield community members to use the checklist daily.  There will be guidance on the list for what to do if exhibiting symptoms.
  • Wash your hands frequently.  Use soap and water for a 20 second scrub, or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.  You will notice more hand sanitizer stations throughout campus.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then dispose of tissue and wash hands
  • Wear cloth face covering when out of your residence hall room or work office, especially when in campus buildings.  Cloth face coverings control the spread of respiratory secretions and protect the community.
  • Practice physical distancing as much as possible.  Maintain six feet of space between people as much as possible. Stay out of crowds and avoid mass gatherings.  Some people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus.  
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.  We will have disinfectant spray and paper towels placed throughout campus.  Everyone will be asked to clean surfaces in their living, work, classroom and activity centers on campus.  We all have a part to do in keeping our community safe.
  • If we do have cases of COVID-19 on campus, comply with the guidance and investigation process through the local County Health Department for contact tracing, testing,  quarantine and isolation.

Those who have underlying medical conditions should check with their health provider before returning to campus to determine the best approach to protect their health, Haddeland said in an email.

“Expect things to look and act different, but feel familiar,” Haddeland said. “We will get through the pandemic together, but it takes each one of our efforts to keep the community safe.”

While as a community people may be anxious to “get back to normal,” Haddeland says until there is a vaccine for the virus or something significantly changes in what we understand about the virus and its spread student life at Linfield will look different.