Student who reported allegations against Board member David Jubb speaks out

Elin Johnson, Life & Culture Editor

A former student who reported sexual misconduct by former Board of Trustees member David Jubb is speaking out.

The alumna, who wishes to be only referred to as A.K., first reported the misconduct in April 2018.

“I speak up for those who can’t, for those that have been told to sit down and shut up, for those that don’t think their story is worth sharing,” A.K. wrote in a written statement provided to the Review.

In May 2017 A.K. attended a student leadership dinner as part of the Board of Trustees weekend. At this event David Jubb allegedly became too drunk to drive and former Linfield President Thomas Hellie asked A.K. and her friend to drive him to Third Street.

“How could we say no to the President of Linfield and a member of the Board of Trustees?” A.K. said in her statement.

She said that after driving Jubb, his behavior became increasingly inappropriate eventually resulting in him gropping her and two other students. 

“What should have been a night of celebration became a negative experience and left me questioning the values of Linfield College,” A.K. wrote in her statement. “I am so fortunate the situation I was put in didn’t go any further and I have no lasting trauma.”

A.K. said she was denied access to speaking with Hellie when she made her report, but spoke with Dan Preston the vice president for enrollment management and John McKeegan the former vice president for institutional advancement and the college’s general counsel. She said that Preston did all the right things. She said he was kind, empathetic and passed her story along to the higher authorities for which she is grateful.

A.K. said that Preston and McKeegan asked her what she wanted to do about Jubb, but she said she did not feel it was her place or job to tell them what they should do.

In May 2018 A.K. said that McKeegan informed her over the phone that he had shared her allegations with chairman of the Board David Baca, and that Baca was “shocked.” She said she was also informed that “David Jubb would never have contact with students again or be allowed at events that served alcohol.” 

Scott Nelson, a spokesperson for the college, said in an interview that after this initial report there was only one other event where Jubb was at an event with alcohol or another student — the February evening at The Oak where he allegedly assaulted the former student representative to the Board, AnnaMarie Motis.

Jubb, a 1971 graduate, resigned from the Board in June of 2019, after allegations that he assaulted a former student, Motis. He is currently facing a felony indictment.

The Linfield Review does not run the identities of survivors unless they go public or give permission. 

“I had no reason not to trust that the issue was taken care of,” A.K. wrote. “What is the ‘power of a small college’ if not one that supports and values student safety, nurtures a welcoming community, and creates world changers that are willing to speak out and seek justice.”

“When I found out what happened to AnnaMarie I was so unbelievably disappointed and appalled by the lack of action,” A.K. wrote in her report. “I reported this misconduct so that no one would ever be hurt by David Jubb again. I was ignored, and thus, another student fell victim. President Hellie knew. John McKeegan knew. And to the best of my knowledge, David Baca knew.”

Nelson said in an interview that he thinks that chairman Baca did everything in his power to protect students and monitor Jubb.

“If not for these three men choosing to protect the reputation of a longstanding board member over protecting the very students to whom they have fiduciary duties, would have never experienced such gross misconduct,” A.K. wrote in her statement.

While she believes Linfield needs to make things right, A.K. said: “ I don’t hate Linfield. I deeply value the four years I spent there, they helped me to become the person I am today: a person who speaks out even when it’s scary as hell.”