Review hires editor-in-chief for 2020-2021 academic year


Review Staff

Sophomore Alexandra Feller will take over the editor-in-chief position for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Feller has previously worked as the features editor and a staff writer for the Linfield Review. 

This year’s editor-in-chief, senior Alex Jensen, said that Feller’s knowledge of the position will help her in the new role.

“She’s a really good reporter and with a tremendous amount of drive,” said Jensen. “She really wants the paper to succeed and I believe she’s capable of it.”

“I think that as editor-in-chief I’ll not only have the ability to lead the Linfield Review, which is in a centripetal point as student media,” Feller says. “But I’ll also be able to lead a team and facilitate an environment where journalists feel comfortable writing articles that they are passionate about and they feel excited to talk to people and tell stories, which is the main priority.” 

Feller said she believes student media is a priority, especially at Linfield.

Feller is a journalism and media studies major and environmental studies minor. She’s the co-president of the Environmental club and a writing fellow at the Writing Center. She interned at her hometown paper The Valley Voice Newspaper.

“I just remember how influential the Linfield Review was for me when I was finding my sense of community at Linfield and so I just want to return that favor to the Linfield community,” Feller said. 

Professor of journalism and media studies and advisor to the Review, Lisa Weidman, journalism and media studies professor Michael Huntsberger and Jensen, interviewed Feller for the position. 

“Alexandra has a lot of good ideas for leading the organization and attracting more readers,” Weidman says. “She has been involved with the Review for a couple of years already, and she is passionate about journalism. I think she will do a great job as editor-in-chief.”

Feller will step in her new role at the end of the month. 

“I am really excited to work with the Linfield community; being the editor-in-chief is a role that I don’t take lightly,” she said.

As the editor-in-chief Feller is tasked with finding and hiring the Review stadd for next year. She can be reached at [email protected] for any questions about positions.