ASLC Brief: President- and vice president-elect ratification and cabinet applications closed


Anna Frazier, Climate & Environment Editor

ASLC senate and cabinet have moved to an online format for the duration of the school’s closure to continue meeting and working for the student body.

Senators ratified the president and vice president-elect, Sean Webster and Michayla Sponsol, respectively. Now, they will begin the transition to take office in the 2020-2021 school year.

The applications for the ASLC cabinet are officially closed. ASLC is planning to move forward with the selection process and will be conducting interviews soon. Two or more student senators will sit on the committee, alongside the incoming president and vice president. 

Despite the school’s closure, ASLC cabinet reported that they will continue to work on student life and campus improvements. No official plans have been made yet. 

ASLC president and senior Daniel Endicott shared with the senate that he has been attending the college cabinet meetings that will determine students’ refund status for the remainder of the semester. As of Tuesday, no refund decision has been announced.