ASLC Brief: Updated Health Center co-pay and new name for student government


ASLC president Daniel Endicott announced to the senate that starting next fall, students will pay a $50 co-pay for the Health Center, which will be included in the student body fees at the beginning of the semester.

A student food pantry is slotted to open sometime next week which will be located in the Campus Information Center. Access will only require a swipe from a Linfield ID card for usage.

ASLC election applications closed on Friday. There is currently one candidate for the president position and one candidate for vice president. Applications for write-in candidates are still open.

During the ASLC elections, students will also be able to vote on a new name for the student government. This is so that the student government can match the school’s official name change to Linfield University.

On Thursday, ASLC cabinet will host a “Cookies with Cabinet” event in Fred Meyer Lounge. This event will serve as an informal forum for students to connect with Cabinet members.

The ASLC senate voted to combine the cabinet-level positions of club director and student center director into a new chair that will serve both purposes. This new, yet-to-be-named position will have the ability to hire managers for tasks previously given to the Student Center Director, including the game room and Greenware program. This will go into effect in Fall 2020.