Board of Trustees votes to move forward as Linfield University


Vanessa Kelly

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Linfield has been working on a new website and rebranding campaign since last May, and the Board of Trustees met today and voted to change the name of the school from ‘Linfield College’ to ‘Linfield University.’

Director of communications and marketing Scott Nelson said in an email that rebranding would have happened regardless, but that the board’s vote will influence it. 

I imagine there will be a swarm of new activity across campus as we build toward next fall,” he said. “But I don’t have a lot of detail about that yet.” 

Linfield aims to have everything updated by the start of the fall 2020 semester.

Nelson also said that the administration has adapted their rebranding campaign for the switch from college to university. 

President Miles Davis said that the essence of the school won’t change, but that now Linfield will expand to have schools and colleges within the new university and offer master’s programs.

The board’s vote today is not the final decision on the matter. 

“The vote is the resolution about changing the name,” Nelson said. “There will be a second resolution in May about the structure of the university — whether we add a School of Business and a College of Arts and Sciences.”

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