‘Endgame’ promises grand finale to ‘Avengers’ saga

Angel Rosas and Grant Beltrami

With 21 movies, six television shows, and millions of fans around the world, the conclusion to one of the most ambitious film series ever is coming to an end. 

Not a permanent end obviously, Disney will never stop milking the Marvel cash cow, but with many of the originals Avengers’ contracts nearing their end date, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be changed forever after “Avengers: Endgame.” 

Having seen almost every Marvel movie released in theaters save for a couple of the sequels, these characters and their stories have become ingrained in my very being. With that said, I have some predictions of how “Endgame” will go down. 

You can’t talk predictions without some deaths and everyone is pointing to either the boyscout that is Captain America or the sharp-tongued Tony Stark. 

Either death would pack a huge emotional punch, and I imagine a couple of tears might find themselves moving their way down my face if either were to take a dirt nap. 

However, in terms of the storyline, I think if anyone is going to die it will be the Captain. In the last flick Stark was falling hard in love and talking about having kids and hanging up his ‘Iron Man’ suit for good. Whereas Captain Steve, with only Bucky left from his old life, and with his knack for self-sacrifice seems the most likely to me.  

So I predict Cap’ getting axed and Tony ah – ah – ah – ah – stayin  ali – iiiiiii – iiiive. 

I don’t think Captain will be the only one getting merked, I think Black Widow has a good shot at getting axed. We have learned that she has done some shady things in her past; maybe it will come back to haunt her, or maybe she’ll take too big a risk in an attempt to rectify all the harm she had caused in her past. I think that her death, if it happens will be a pivotal moment in the film, it will devastate Bruce Banner and cause him to finally get his anger back and become the Hulk again. The relationship between the radiation filled scientist and the secret spy has been shown multiple times throughout the Avengers movies. There’s constant flirting between the two. Last we saw Banner he had trouble bringing the big green guy out. Maybe the death of Natasha, who he truly loves, will change that. 

Everyone thinks that Captain Marvel is the key to defeating Thanos. I think she will be the one who manages to get the infinity gauntlet away from Thanos, but will not be involved in the final fight. The endgame of ‘Endgame’ will be Iron Man, Thor, and the newly re-hulked Hulk in an all out battle for the fate of the universe.

Another prediction I have is that the Avengers, or what is left of them, are going to be going back in time to stop Thanos before he gets his big purple hands on the infinity stones or find them before he does. 

With time travel, different dimensions and literal magic there are tons of ways this movie can go down. But, whatever happens, it is going to be unlike anything that has ever been put to screen. 

P.S. Rocket Raccoon is gonna pull off some amazing sh*t, I just have no idea what.