Review hires editor-in-chief for 2019-2020 academic year


Fletcher Wilkin

Alex Jensen, ’20, is a Journalism & Media Studies major. She won three of the Review’s eight awards from the ONPA.

Junior Alex Jensen will take over the editor-in-chief position for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Jensen is working at the Review as the paper’s sports editor.

This year’s editor-in-chief, Olivia Gomez said that Jensen has an understanding of the position that will help her in the new role.

“When she has an idea you can see her get excited,” Gomez said. “She also always follows through when she likes the story.”  

“I want to get to a place where we have more content than we need so we can have different things on different platforms,” she said.

Jensen said that she was very happy about getting the job and saw the position as the thing she has been working towards through her time here at Linfield.

The Seattle native went on to say that her experience working at the Review has made her grow as a journalist.

“I am really proud of the work every student puts in, I think we have a pretty dedicated staff” Jensen said. “There are some people on staff who are truly passionate about journalism.”

Jensen she also admires how the staff have improved in every aspect of their jobs from writing to photography.

Although she said she is excited to take control of the paper and shape it in different ways Jensen also said she loved that the Review got finds interesting stories to tell.

One of the ways Jensen wants to leave her mark on the paper is by having a more online presence.

She also said that it might mean having fewer print issues next year.

“I would like the Linfield Review to be more of a resource for [students] and target our readership with an online presence,” Jensen explained.

Jensen is journalism and media studies major and has been working for the Review since her freshman year. As Gomez said Jensen has been both a writer and editor for the paper.

Jensen had recently come back from a semester abroad in Norway. When she returned to campus she went back to working at the Review to fill the sports editor job that was vacated by junior Lexi Kerr.

Professor of journalism and media studies and adviser to the Review, Brad Thompson, and Gomez, interviewed Jensen for the position.

Since there was only one applicant the competition was not as fierce.

Jensen cannot wait for the challenges that will come with the position and is ready to push herself and the paper into new directions.

“I have had so many ideas over the years and now I can’t wait to implement them in my new position,” Jensen said.

As the editor-in-chief Jensen is tasked with filling the Review staff for next year and can be reached at [email protected] for more information.