Suns out rackets out, women’s tennis wins again, Women’s tennis with a winning streak of three


Alexandra Feller, Features Editor

Wildcat tennis is on a winning streak. There is no need to knock on wood because the Women’s tennis team has been training hard. Their training shined brightly as they just earned their third Northwest Conference victory in a row.

After their victory over the Pacific Lutheran Lutes 9-0, the team is on a four-game conference winning streak.

The first-seeded doubles team senior Elsa Harris and sophomore Michelle Uyeda won 8-1 in their match.

“Since tennis is two out of three sets, it is important to me to win the first set to take some pressure off of myself,” Uyeda said.

In her singles, Harris, a number two ranked player, won 6-4 against Pacific Lutherans Bayley Gochanour. Ranked third on her team, Gochanour won two out of the first set and four out of the second singles match.

Second-seeded doubles team junior Riley Clayeux and sophomore Haley Fujimori also dominated their doubles matches scoring 8-1.

Third-seeded doubles pair junior Sarah Sweet and freshman Maggie Fiocchi played against the Lutes fighting for their victory 8-5.

“The matches so far have been really great! I think our team has some massive potential,” Fiocchi said.

With a score of 6-0 and 6-2 in her second singles match, Fiocchi brings a win for the team.

During the singles matches, Uyeda played strategically allowing her to earn victories in both matches. Her final scores in both matches were 6-0.

“I tend to see how my opponent likes to play and I try to give them things they don’t like. So the game plan changes on each opponent,” Uyeda said.

Uyeda holds the number one position on the team with six single match wins behind her.

By the end of the tournament, Linfield won 9-0.

“Moving forward the team will continue working hard and hopefully win conference!” Fiocchi said she is looking forward to the next home game against Kalamazoo on March 24th.

After beating Whitman a few weeks ago the team is now in a position to take first place in the conference The game against Pacific Lutheran only furthered their standing.