Wildcat’s heart overpowers Loggers

Angel Rosas, News Editor

The Wildcats took control over the Puget Sound Loggers Saturday night at Maxwell Field. The typical Oregon rain was a steady background player causing a Linfield goal to be redacted because of an illegal stick. Sticks strings tend to loosen up in the rain.

The ‘Cats came into the game with on a two-game winning streak against Pacific and Willamette University. 

“I think our resilience truly showed through with this game and hopefully we finish out the season this season with as much heart as we’ve been leaving on the field lately,” sophomore Gabriella Moe said. 

Puget Sound got on the board first as one of the Logger’s midfielders found the back of the net.

But the ‘Cats freshman midfielder Bethany Shade answered back seconds later to tie up the match 1-1. The ‘Cats and Loggers found themselves in a similar trend throughout the first-half with back to back goals from each team.

However, at the end of the first half, the loggers were ahead 7-6. 

Shade led the Wildcats in scoring in the first half with three unassisted goals and was able to cut the Logger’s short lead to one. Moe scored with 22:36 on the clock off an assist by junior Molly Herrera. 

Sophomore attacker Jenna Hessel earned her first goal of the game with 7:52 minutes left on the clock. A minute later junior midfielder heard the call put her first and only goal up on the board. 

The second half was almost an entirely different game compared to the first half.

The Wildcats scored six consecutive goals unanswered. They denied any attempt by the Loggers to get back on the scoreboard. 

Shade put up another unassisted goal. Freshman midfielder Josie Duey put her first goal up at 23:50. Maia Rezoski, a freshman, added to the Wildcats total minutes later. 

“I think we got off to a bit of a rough start, but when we hit our stride in the second half, we really put that game away,” junior goalie Kylee Duey said. 

Despite the large point differential Puget Sound stayed aggressive throughout the game, but Linfield’s defense stopped them cold in their tracks. 

Linfield surpassed their game goal of 15 caused turners by coming out with 17.

The logger’s inability to have a bench was an obstacle for them in a constant change-of-possession-game. 

The Wildcats closed out the game with a victory and a score of 14-8. Saturday’s victory sets the ‘Cats with a 4-1 conference standing and a 5-4 overall record.  

The Wildcats beat out the logger’s ground balls 26-18. Linfield and Puget Sound were even with draw controls 12-12.  

Linfield played an aggressive game with four players earning yellow cards. 

Kylee started in the goal in the first half and sophomore Epi Roldan-Rayo concluded in the second. Each of them came out with four saves.  

The ‘Cats have a short-lived break since they will be back at home to face Pacific University at 6 p.m. tomorrow.