More accessibility, less regulation needed for library media use

Elijah O'Bryant, Staff Writer

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I love going to the library as much as I can. What about the library is not to like? It is an indoor, public space, has heating and air conditioning, all while you do not have to buy anything to stay. It is quiet with comfortable sofas and computers.

Then again, I will not say the library is perfect. While an awesome place, there are changes I would eventually want to see. Primarily, I want to see changes to the media section. The cool viewing room might not always be available. Add that to the fact that if timing is not on your side, you might not be able to get assignments done.

If I need to watch a documentary for class, I will go to the library and select one of my choosing, granted someone else has not already checked it out. The viewing room is booked solid through the week, so I must check it out to watch on my own time. Then when I check it out, I am told I cannot take it out of the library, and the rental would last only two hours, exceeding the runtime.

Back at the public library in my hometown, the movies and other media had no additional rules for being checked out. This made me want to go to the library even more since I could treat most of their media the same way I treat the books on their shelves and could take them home.

Would that not be nice here? I know I would love it, and a good chunk of other students who like to go to the library in their free time would also. I know I am not alone.