Low attendance and high cost linked to students leaving Linfield

Emma Olson , Writer

With a small student body it is often noticeable when a student leaves Linfield. However, the reasons for their absence is often unknown. Whether students leave for personal reasons or to transfer to another school, the details behind students leaving is often a mystery to their peers.

One reason people leave Linfield is to attend a larger school. Some students enter college thinking they will like attending a small school, but quickly realize it isn’t for them and seek out a different college experience. That was the case for former student Melia Hannigan-Luther.

Hannigan-Luther chose to transfer out of Linfield after her first semester. “My main reason was I wanted a much bigger school,” she said, “Going in I thought it would be nice to be at a smaller school where I could build stronger connections with people, but I realized that even though that was possible at Linfield, it was also possible at much larger universities.”

Another student, a freshman accounting major who asked for her name to be omitted, plans to leave Linfield after this semester. She also mentioned wanting to go to a bigger school.

“I kind of just want something bigger and better,” she said.

Another reason she plans to leave Linfield is the cost. She said she recognized that attending Linfield isn’t best her best choice financially.

She says, “I did all the math, and I’m paying about $25,000 to go here for the year. … I just don’t think Linfield’s worth that.”

However, she also emphasized how much she enjoys Linfield. “I love the teachers, everyone I’ve met, and the accounting department. They’re all amazing,” she said, “My decision is based on financial reasons.”

She explained that where she plans to transfer would only end up costing her about $7000 a year, so she would be saving herself thousands of dollars by leaving Linfield.

The students said, “It’s a third of what I’m paying here. Actually, less than that.”

Lastly, many students find that while they like McMinnville, there aren’t as many things to do in town as they would like. Hannigan-Luther said, “Now that I live in a bigger city, there is also a lot more to do than there was in McMinnville, and it’s easy to walk downtown to the movies, shop, or get food, whereas at Linfield to get that experience you had to drive all the way to Portland.”

The anonymous student agrees. “I love the community, and I love McMinnville, but … I just need somewhere new. I’m just so bored in McMinnville,” she said.