Pizza and politics brings Jim Moore for lecture on midterms

Elin Johnson, Features Editor

Those seeking a “post mortem” of the 2018 midterm election will have their hopes answered with the upcoming pizza and politics guest Dr. Jim Moore.

Moore will be offering a reflection and analysis of the recent election. The emphasis will be on state and local politics with Moore discussing how national politics bleeds into local politics. Data and specific numbers will be used to explain exactly what happened.

Moore will provide context and draw implications on the election as well as hopefully speak to questions on civic engagement. He is described as a nonpartisan expert who is an expert on state and local issues.

Moore is an assistant professor at Pacific University. He is also the director of political outreach for the Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement. Moore received his doctorate in political science in 1995 from Northwestern University. His commentary has appeared in numerous media outlets and he claims to have been interviewed “over 6,000 times since 1991.”

As professor of political science Pat Cottrell explains, the goal of pizza and politics events like these is to make productive and effective citizens out of Linfield students.

“We want to create a forum whereby students feel comfortable engaging in important issues of our time,” Cottrell said. “[It’s an] opportunity for student voice to be heard.”

Cottrell said that Moore is “not going to have all the answers, none of us do,” but wants people to feel more engaged and think about things differently after this and other pizza and politics events. Cottrell is hoping for a good back and forth between Moore and students, and says that this event is so relevant due to the political time we are living in.

Cottrell would like students to know that if they have any ideas for a future pizza and politics or similar event to let him know because his goal is to always have these be student driven and influenced.

Moore will be speaking in Riley 201 at 5 pm on November 14.