Camas to host Halloween-themed open mic Tuesday night

Anne Walkup, Opinions Editor

It isn’t often that an open mic reading incorporates Halloween costumes and candy, but the students involved with Linfield’s Camas Literary Journal have been hard at work planning the such an event.

The reading, Camas Open Mic, will begin at 7 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Multicultural Center and is open to all Linfield students.

Those wishing to participate can read their own work, whether it be poetry, fiction, a personal essay, a journalistic article or anything else of their choosing.

“The only thing we ask is that it’s under 10 minutes,” said freshman Katie Sheely, a member of Camas who has been helping to plan the event.

Sheely and Lucas Acero, a fellow freshman Camas member, said the event will be Halloween-themed and that pieces are encouraged to fit with a spooky theme, though non-spooky pieces are equally welcome. Participants and audience members are encouraged to come in costume to enhance the spook factor.

Sophomore Gretel Valdez, one of the editors for Camas, said that she hopes the event will help to publicize Camas and encourage students across a variety of majors to seek involvement with the group.

“I hope a lot of people show up. I can foresee a lot of English majors coming, but we want to reach a greater audience,” said Valdez, who initially had the idea of hosting the event.

Acero said that even if people have never participated in a reading, they should not let that affect their decision to participate.

“A lot of people are scared off because a literary journal sounds professional and intimidating, but we just want people to feel comfortable coming in and sharing their stuff because that’s what a literary journal is all about,” Acero said.

Sheely added that listening to other people’s writing is what she is looking forward to most about the event. “I just love to hear other people’s work. It’s really cool to be in the room with other writers.”

Valdez said she anticipates that the event will foster diversity. “I’ve had people ask me if they can read a piece in another language and I said, ‘Sure, why not?’”

Valdez said she hopes the reading will encourage students to submit to the annual Camas Literary Journal. “A lot of us [who submit to Camas] are in the English department, but we want to reach out to artists, photographers and journalists too.”

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