Audience respect key, comic says

Emma Olson , Writer

Comedian Jesus Trejo has been on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden as well as “Adam Devine’s House Party” on Comedy Central.

Trejo performed for just 10 or so students in Ice Auditorium Saturday, but he took advantage of the situation by interacting with each member of the audience and allowing questions about his life.

Trejo said he’s wanted to be a comedian since he was a kid. The first time he saw a stand-up comedian, he knew that was what he wanted to do.

Most of his comedy routine centered on personal anecdotes in which he was the butt of the joke.

His self-deprecating style was evident in a routine he performed about how he got picked on in school. He joked about how poor he was at fighting back and that his parents would get frustrated with his inability to defend himself.

Trejo was asked whether he alters or censors his comedy routines when he visits colleges. “Short answer: Yes,” he said. He does this out of respect for the venue.  He explained that at a comedy club, the age limit is usually 21 and over, so he feels more comfortable swearing and telling jokes that are a bit more risque.

He compared this choice to the choices photographers have to make when they get different jobs. He said that even if a photographer specializes in silhouettes, if hired for a wedding, it would be innapropriate to just take silhouettes. “You respect the reason why you’re hired,” Trejo said.