Gaga, Cooper exceed expectations in ‘A Star is Born’ remake

Athena Benjamin, Writer

In the new release, “A Star is Born,” Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga offer a unique and stunning perspective on what many believed to be an exhausted story.

This film, the fourth remake of “A Star is Born,” exceeds all expectations. Despite its previous and familiar story, Cooper finds an unprecedented and engaging narration.

As Cooper’s directing and Gaga’s film debut, many viewers were skeptical of its excellency. Regardless, the two industry-breaking stars showcase their new expertise.

Gaga, previously acting with menace, surprises viewers with vulnerability and grace in this role.

Cooper, who co-wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, depicted the significance of the platform given to celebrities. He cherished honesty over everything else.

A famous, but declining musician, Jackson “Jack” Maine, played by Cooper, finds struggling artist Ally, played by Gaga. Jack works to get Ally discovered, while simultaneously falling in love with her.

While Ally begins to rise in stardom, Jack struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction and his fading celebrity status. These factors begin to conflict and test their relationship.

The chemistry between Cooper and Gaga is unbelievable as sparks fly between the two passionate but clashing lovers. Their love is beautiful, romantic and desirable, but it is also heart-breaking and realistic.

Not only does the characters’ relationship keep the audience on the edge of their seats, but the music in the film is outstanding. The soundtrack is equally sorrowful and mellifluous.

“Shallow,” already a radio hit, is Ally’s triumph in the movie and breaks her out of her shell, as well as animosity. After performing the song, she gets thrown into the world of fame.

It is no surprise that Gaga’s voice is beautiful, but Cooper sings with a folk sound to his voice that will force viewers into an amazed stupor.

Both Cooper and Gaga harmonize as if they were meant to sing with each other, delving for the raw emotion that they pour into their music.

On the other side of things, this movie is long at 135 minutes, causing the movie to be fairly slow in some scenes and rush through others.

Ally transformed from a down-to-earth artist to a low-key prima donna without much progression. Parts of the second-half were a bit underdeveloped and nonsensical due to the already long runtime.

The movie is rated R due to language, nudity and substance abuse. This could have been lowered down in restriction comparatively easily and reached a larger audience.

Despite these minor issues, Cooper and Gaga both held up the film with their relatable and raw acting.

This movie, to most everyone’s surprise, is a potential Oscar nominee. It came out of the box office with more satisfaction than many believed possible and is continuing its success.