Marching Band Challenges ASLC to Get Peppy

Elin Johnson, Features Editor

Marching band director Seth Wollman attended the Associated Students of Linfield College senate meeting on Sept. 25 with one mission in mind: let’s get pumped.

Wollman proposed that ASLC partner with Linfield’s inaugural marching band and host pep rallies the Friday evening before football games this semester. Wollman hopes the first rallie would be Oct. 5, the day before homecoming.

In having conversations with the athletics department and other people on campus, Wollman realized that there is a lot of energy for promoting the Game Day Experiences that sometimes do not match the energy of the student body. He realizes that he is new this year and that students might just be assuming that since the football team wins every year audience support is not vital.

Wollman’s vision includes the marching band parading through campus, highlighting various other athletic teams and bringing the entire campus community together in support of our ‘Cats. Wollman said he has talked to the cheerleaders about joining these festivities and that they were interested in participating. He is working on the coach of the Wildcat Dance Team so that everyone can be involved. Wollman envisions this happening outside in front of Melrose or by the People’s Fountain as long as the weather is nice.

Wollman’s idea stems from the desire to increase the hype surrounding our sporting events. He plans on doing this at the rallies by giving away free swag, having activities and of course with the music of the marching band. Wollman acknowledged that this would be something that needs to be thoroughly publicized first so students knew it was happening.

These would just be events for the students on campus. Wollman made it clear that the rallies would be targeted to Linfield students specifically and not community members or alumni. Woolman’s end goal is to have more students involved in game days. He hopes ASLC would like to be involved in this mission.

The marching band has plans to play at every football Game Day Experience during the game as well as in the tail-gate area. They want to supplement this with the proposed pep rallies. Wollman said that the first few rallies would not have to be huge. He said the first one could be just 20 minutes, but the goal would be to add more pizzazz as time went on

Senior senator William Shannon suggested that this event fall under the umbrella of a specific cabinet member while others suggested making a committee for it. Sports director Michayla Sponsel said she would be willing to work with said committee if it was created. Sophomore senator Tanner Vandecoevering raised the concern of not enough students showing up to this events to make it worth while. Sarah Fuller, Interim Assistant Director of College Activities and Fraternity & Sorority Life,  reminded the senators present that it is important to show that ASLC is invested in things like this so that students will pick up on that feeling and also become invested. Committees have not yet been formed and no movement has been made on this proposal. ASLC tabled the discussion for the next meeting.