ASLC & LCAT 2018-2019

Elin Johnson, Features Editor

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ASLC Senators

Only 20 students applied so there was no selection process.

Freshmen Senators

Brian Cervantes Alvarez – computer science and mathematics

Chelsea Armstrong – political       

science or international relations

Maggie Fiocchi – undecided

Shawna Williams – nursing

Sophomore Senators

Connor Ashmun – economics

Eldon Long – economics

Joseph Murphy – physics and mathematics

Juliet Arnswald – elementary        


Kristen Burke – sociology

Madison Reimer – psychology

Tanner Vandecoevering – sports


Junior Senators

Elisia Harder – history and        

communication arts

Joel Toledo – applied physics

Lori Cimmiyotti – finance

Mackenzie Courtney – finance

Mary Moriarty – athletic training

Sydney Kuehn – biology

Senior Senators

Carter Mensing – finance and


Christopher Sutton – business


William Shannon – math and physics

ASLC Cabinet

Kainoa Cuttitta – President

AnnaMarie Motis – Vice President

Asa Richerson – VP of Programming

Tyler Kelsch – VP of Finance

Michayla Sponsel – IM Sports Director

Justin Meyer – Student Center Director

Abby Hoppe – Secretary

Jake Olson – Club Director

Mariza Rayfield – Publicity Director

LCAT Members

Headed by Asa Richerson VP of Programming – [email protected]

Sofia Bauer – Administrative       

Manager – [email protected]

Maya Salsbury – Publicity Chair – [email protected]

DJ Keogh – Special Events Chair –

[email protected]

Julia Mitchell – Cultural Chair – [email protected]

Bruce Li – Music Chair –               

[email protected]

Tiffany Wall – Outdoor Chair –

[email protected]

Parker Collins – Sports Chair –    

[email protected]