Democrat’s club hopes to boost student’s political awareness

Athena Benjamin, Writer

Leaders of the Linfield College Democrats club begins its first year at Linfield. The club’s agenda will mainly consist of helping with political campaigns, registering voters, and canvasing.

Co-Creators, Annika Albrecht and Madison “Maddie” Brunkhart, created the club in hopes of bringing more legitimate political awareness to Linfield.

“We can get it in our heads that posting on Facebook, tweeting about stuff that we’re mad about is enough. And it’s really not. You have to really take action,” said Brunkhart.

The pair plans to work toward growing the Democratic status in the McMinville and Yamhill County.

Albrecht, campaign manager of Democratic nominee, Ken Moore, wants to help members’ increase their own networks. She also wants to accurately represent what it is like to be politically active.

“There is a lot of potential at Linfield,” said Albrecht. “We have a lot of smart students and I want to get them involved and I want to get them into the political world.”

Albrecht said that her campaigning background give her a network that can connect students interested in working in politics.

Members can expect monthly meetings and various events throughout the year. The club has a Twitter, @linfielddems, and a Facebook page, Linfield College Democrats, both of which will be posting on upcoming events.