Acoustic performance sets the stage for 2018-’19 Cat Cabs

Angel Rosas, News Editor

Season 1 winner of NBC’s “The Voice” Javier Colon performed at 7 p.m. on Thursday on the IM field for ASLC’s first Cat Cab of the year.

Right before Colon started performing, the field was empty of an audience besides those who came early to set up.

However, once Colon started his acoustic set and his competition-winning voice echoed throughout the field, Linfield students flocked toward the music.

Vice President of Programming for ASLC Asa Richerson, ‘20, said that having Cat Cabs outside would allow more people to hear it and stop by.

With the fear of rain always present in Oregon, Richerson went on to say that, “we will have [Cat Cabs] outside as long as it is nice out.”

Colon put his personal lyrics and guitar skills on full display for his audience members, who laid out on their towels and blankets admiring the singer’s vocal acrobatics.

The cool breeze seemed to echo Colon’s moving original songs as well as covers from famous artist like Tom Petty, Rascal Flatts and Coldplay.

Colon did not only supply the harmonies but also brought some anecdotes to his act retelling his time on “The Voice” and his travels, and got personal with the audience and shared videos of his family.

He also recounted the song he performed in his audition that opened the door that lead him to winning “The Voice.”

Colon called it the “song that changed my life.” It was his rendition of the 1980s pop ballad “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

He then ended his performance with a cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” and added multiple layers of instrumental tracks on his own and which gave the appearance that he had an entire band behind him.

Juniors Cassidy Robinson and April Alvarez both said that they were happy they were able to come by, relax and listen to music. “It was a nice stress reliever for the first week of classes,” Robinson said.