Senioritis is bane of any senior’s existence

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer

My fellow Seniors, we have entered the month of May and graduation is approaching in a few weeks. Of course, most of you thinking, “Wait…we’re already in May?” “How did that happened?” “Did I submit that assignment for that one class?” “What’s even happening right now?”  Everything seems to be falling apart faster than a strand of string, pulling a sweater apart right now for some of you, if not most of you. Time has become a void, sleep has become a unachievable concept, classes feel like an optional event, and the concept of the healthy and an energized student is a more fiction than reality. Have no fear my wayward Seniors, even though  the world seems to be against you, there are multiple ways to snap out of that slump.

One way to combat Senioritis, is to think positive thoughts about completing the task or objective. It would be better to get the assignment done as soon as possible, right? So think about all the positive scenarios that you could do with your free time one the assignment is done. Another method to solve Senioritis, is to take a break between assignments. It’s important to take time to breath, so take some time to go for a walk to get some fresh air and clear your mind. Then if those aren’t your types of method to help you get back on track, then do an activity that will help you destress and helps you get back on track. Lastly, gather your friends so you can have a ranting circle. Nothing solves your problems than viciously ranting about them with your friends.

In final thoughts, Senioritis is something that everyone will experience during their last years of studies. Its unavoidable and it affects everyone in different ways. Some of us will avoid responsibility or classes, others will succumb to the exhaustion to try to keep up in classes, and others will become numb to everything. On the bright side, summer vacation is coming around the corner and everyone will have three-months of relaxation to enjoy. So hang in there Seniors.