Tried, true tips for Gen Z students

Elin Johnson, Staff writer

The end of the school year is fast approaching and summer is right around the corner. For many students, this means summer jobs and internships.
Student career specialists from Career Development, Jenna Mihelich, ’20, and Nicole Alfonso, ’18, gave advice about what students should be doing now to prepare for a fruitful summer.

Get your resume in order. Make sure your resume is readable and accurate.

It is never too early to create a LinkedIn profile or spruce up your resume. LinkedIn is a great way to hunt for possible job opportunities and for future employers to find out more about you. Both your resume and LinkedIn profile should be up to date. When you craft your profile, put emphasis on the skills you have that are on trend in the career field you are interested in. The Career Development office in Melrose can help you manage this.

Don’t wait to snag that internship. Getting an internship early in your collegiate career will make you more competitive in the future.

An early internship “will help you make sure that you actually want to do that type of work as a career and if you don’t enjoy it, then it’s probably a good idea to try other things and you would rather find this out sooner rather than later,” Mihelich said.

“Always be talking to people about what they want to do in or get out of an internship; do informational interviews with professionals in the industry they’re interested in,” Alfonso said.

Mihelich also recommended using CatConnect, a job-finding service accessible for students and alums.

“Utilize on-campus resources while you still can,” Alfonso said. “A lot of the time students don’t know what all we offer at career development until they’ve met with one of the pro staff or student specialists.”

If you have not secured that dream internship, don’t fret.

There is still time to visit the career wizards in Career Development. Students can either make an appointment or simply show up if they have any questions.