Sports management newest major offered

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer

Sports management minors and incoming future sports management students will have the option to pursue sports management as a major.

Associate professor of business Denise Farag was one of the faculty members who thought to create this major for students who wanted to pursue a study and further careers within this field. She mentioned that the major would prepare students for graduate school.

This new major is already gaining the responses of both students who are interested in the major and current students minoring in sports management with plans to change to the major.

Sophomore Molly Danielson and freshman Benjamin Ranieri are two students who are excited for the new sports management major.

“This major has been on the rise for awhile on Linfield’s campus and I know that numerous students wanted to invest in more than just a sports management minor,” Danielson said. “The business sports world is becoming a huge part of American culture, and more and more millennials and members of Generation Z want to be apart of that work force.”

He said the major will allow students to learn skills they will need in the sports world, as opposed to in business or marketing.

“There is a different consumer and market target, and the major is able to tend fully to that area rather than a normal business degree,” Danielson said.

Ranieri hopes to learn about the many sides of sports management and learn new skills for future possible career options.

“I want to work in the public relations and writing side of a professional sports team, so this will help me pursue that.”