Spring break was not much of a break

Gabriel Nair, Staff writer

This past week has been one of relaxation and refocusing. Spring break is a time to get your mind off schoolwork and recharge before making the final push for the second half of spring semester. But not everyone gets the chance to back home for break. Some people make the choice to stay in McMinnville during this break.

People such as Asa Richerson, ’20, made the decision to stay behind rather than go back to home, which for Asa is Pendleton, Oregon. Richerson’s decision to stay behind at Linfield was motivated by schoolwork rather than personal reasons.

“I needed to work on my info-gathering paper,” said Richerson, “And I stayed here because I would focus better. I knew that I would want to hang out with friends and family if I went back home.”

Throughout the break, Richerson continued to work on his paper, but also relaxed and refocused in preparation for the rest of the semester.

Dwight Keogh Jr., ’20, like Richerson decided to not go home, which in this case is Sacramento, California.

“I stayed here over the break because the drive home is incredibly long. While here, I did some homework and relaxed for about 99 percent of the break,” said Keogh. “I did not do anything extraordinary.”

All in all, from Keogh and Richerson’s point, staying at Linfield was very uninteresting. All that happened was working, eating, sleeping, and playing some video games.