Piano, trumpet perform in sync

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

Norwegian musicians Ingrid Eliassen and Ekaterina Isayevskya showcased their musical talent on the trumpet and piano on March 15 in Delkin Recital Hall.

When she was in Norway, Professor Joan Paddock of the music department performed with the two musicians at the Arctic Theater. The visiting musicians are both lecturers at the Arctic University of Norway.

They performed eleven pieces, two of which were piano solos. The first piece they played was titled Perpetuum Trompetuum, composed by Ketil Hvoslef.

With the use of piano and trumpet, Eliassen created a reverberating sound by playing her trumpet into the open end of the piano, while Isayevskya played complimentary notes that echoed with the sound of the trumpet.

The last two pieces that the pair played, Badfart and Liebeslied composed by Ole Olsen, were originally written to be performed by pianist and vocalist.

The two musicians transcripted the piece to be played by a pianist and trumpeter.

Coming up, the department of music will be presenting Abigail Sperling on the flute at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 5 in Delkin Recital Hall.