Best Girl Scout cookie debatable, all tasty

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

Nothing beats a good old fashioned Girl Scout cookie. Not only are they delicious but the proceeds go to a great program for young girls.

With Thin Mints being the staple of girl scout cookies, Tagalongs provide that peanut buttery flash back to eating peanut butter straight from the jar as a kid (or as a college student). Beyond these two there’s only one other cookie that truly stands out. The Samoa cookie is by far the best girl scout cookie.

Although this can be seen as controversial, due to the coconut being one of those things that people either love or hate. I love coconut so I am thoroughly entitled to my opinion. However, it is more that the coconut that makes this cookie my favorite; it is every piece that goes into the cookie, let me just paint a picture.

Sitting on a thin bed of chocolate, a subtly soft and chewy cookie is in ensnared in a light coat of toasted coconut that takes you to a paradise of sweet and flaky chewiness. Atop the toasted blanket lies a caramel drizzle that matches the tones of the underlying coconut that is also in the sweet company of a final chocolate drizzle that ties up the candied treat like a delectable ribbon.

Although there are so many great choices it’s hard not to buy every flavor in threes. Not to mention all of the ways these cookies have been used in the most creative way, Dairy Queen Blizzards and Shari’s pies what were once a simple treat has become so much more. The girl scout cookie has simply become an American staple, and I will choose to show my patriotism with a box of Samoas, or three.