Coco: Music, family are everlasting in life, death

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer

Students of Linfield College gathered Saturday evening in Ice Auditorium to watch the movie “Coco,” the latest movie released by Disney and Pixar. Before the movie started, there was an opportunity to win the free poster that LCAT had displayed on the first floor in Riley. Then the main attraction began. The audience was very engaged with the movie. They laughed, cried, gasped, and applauded to the magical story that unfolded in front of them.

The movie did an amazing job of representation of the Día de Muertos, aka day of the dead, and the Mexican culture enough for the general audience to understand and appreciate this lively culture. Mexican culture was prominent throughout the film; the mariachi music and various songs sung in Spanish, Spanish terminology, the food, la chancla, and many other references. What made “Coco” a beautiful movie was the message about never forgetting the ones you’ve lost and that family will always be important. It showcases why the Day of the Dead festival is important to so many. It is a time to remember and be with family both living and dead. This ideology shows that idea of death does is the end, but instead leads to an afterlife for those who have passed on. The movie also touched on topics such as the importance of family and the connection between music and memories. Family is at the center of the movies plot. “Coco” illustrates how a family should always love and support each other. Life is too short and having feuds will put a stain on families and separate them. The music also ties into family, a lot of songs contain lyrics about loved ones, and certain songs like “Remember Me,” serve to rekindle memories from a person’s past.

 Coco was an amazing movie that anyone can enjoy due to its message of family, music and memories about those who have departed. Remember those who are no longer with you and be around those who are still with you.