Oregon offers ’Cats adventure

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Though it may seem that life at Linfield starts at the library and ends at Pioneer, there is a whole world of adventure that awaits outside of the campus boundaries.

The un-motivational Oregon weather and lack of vehicles are obstacles most students face.

If you find yourself without transportation or wanting to conserve fuel, there are plenty of outings that are walking distance from the school. Despite what many students believe, Third Street is a short and pleasant walk from campus. It hosts restaurants, coffee shops, boutique stores, and many other options for an easy day excursion.

For students who want to enjoy the cinema but can’t make it to the theater on the other side of town, Third Street Pizza shows films frequently, and there are often movies just recently released. It’s a lower price than other theaters and the pizza is delicious.

Another way to get away from campus is to look up events at the Campus Information Center. Often the CIC and ASLC have many events students can sign up for and attend for free. Transportation is provided by the school for excursions like sporting events, musical performances, hikes and nature walks.

For students with personal transportation, a variable cornucopia of options exist for you to escape the dreary and repetitive life at Linfield.

As Linfield is situated an hour from both Portland and the coast, there are great day trips and interesting landscapes nearby. Portland offers many live events, restaurants, food trucks, Powell’s books and more iconic Oregon places to explore and enjoy.

Driving distance from Linfield are also many opportunities for trails, waterfalls, rivers, and other natural wonders. Some popular spots for adventure seekers are Multnomah Falls, Umbrella Falls, Columbia River Gorge,

Bandon Dunes, and Westwind. Nature walks are free and can offer an escape from the unnatural landscape of campus.

Linfield junior Keelan Wells says another cheap, great outing is just walking around Linfield’s Campus and the McMinnville area.

“Though it may seem extraordinary, walking around the area can show you things you never knew were there and give you a new perspective on your environment,” Wells said.