Mass comm name change has students divided

Angel Rosas, Staff writer

The faculty assembly approved a proposal to change the mass communication department’s name on Feb. 12 to clearly describe what the major entails.  

Journalism and media studies will be the new title for next year’s freshmen and transfer students who will use 2018-19 catalogue.  

The department has been working on the name change since 2009, but real momentum came within the past three years, associate professor Michael Huntsberger said.  

Huntsberger went on to say that if current mass communication majors want to have new name on their degrees they will have to elect to change catalog years and graduate under the 2018-19 catalogue.  

“I do feel like the new name explains the mass comm major far better,” said sophomore and current mass communication major Annie Coleman.  

The department faculty members hope the new name will bring more prospective students by clearing up any ambiguity the previous title held and making it more recognizable to the public.  

We have been told repeatedly by the Office of Admission that although many prospective students are looking for journalism and media programs, few realize that they will find these subjects in a mass communication department,” Huntsberger said.

Mass communication major Asa Richerson said although he likes the department trying new things he feels new name is not as distinct.  

Journalism and media studies (JAMS in course descriptions) classes will be official on July 1 for students to register under.