Where’s the beef?

Anne Walkup, Staff writer

The tater tots and cheeseburgers that once graced the grill section of Dillin Hall have mysteriously vanished since the end of fall term.

Students have begun to notice the consistently empty grill area, now home to nothing but the ghost of greasy food.

“Ive noticed [the grill] is gone, probably because last year most of the stuff I got was from there, said sophomore Bailey Hardinge.

The manager of Campus Dining Services disclosed that decreased student numbers during spring term led to the decision to close the grill section.

“Spring term typically has a delta in students compared to fall term, the manager, Bill Masullo, said. Some factors are December graduation, transferring to the Portland campus, and study abroad programs.

Masullo stated that due to this decline, a decision had to be made between closing the Chefs Table section and the Grill section. The Chefs Table section prevailed based on feedback from the students.

“Decisions we make are based on whats popular and what the students are looking for. We receive feedback from comment cards, online, and in person, Masullo said.

“We thought we could offer more variety [by] opening Chefs Table during Spring Term. [We can] offer higher quality and more diverse items that present better.

Some students have noticed the healthier options being offered and are glad to avoid the temptation of unhealthy food offered by the Grill.

“Ive noticed [the Grills] absence, but because its gone Ive actually eaten healthier, said student Katie Rice.

Masullo said that the Grill Section will likely re-open in the fall when student numbers increase again.