Linfield students pick their favorite movies of 2017

Angel Rosas, Staff writer

The Academy Awards celebrates the finest in film entertainment and art. An entire night dedicated to the well-known directors and actors all the way to the costume designers and sound editors. To honor this year’s award show here is a look at what Linfield’s top movies of 2017.

#1 “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

The eighth entry in the Star Wars world has created a huge debate among fans and critics alike. But here at Linfield it won out and is the most loved of the 2017 year.

#2. “Coco”

Pixar’s tale of a young boy named Miguel and his quest to find his great-great-grandfather in the Land of Dead stole the hearts of many especially us wildcats.

#3 “Get Out”

The psychological thriller/horror proved that socio-political commentary is still something audiences want to explore. This was the only movie that was shared in both Linfield’s favorites and a nominee for best picture.

#4 “Wonder Woman”

“Wonder Woman” was the surprise hit of the year. Knowing DC movies track record this film had no right to be as good as it was. Diana’s story resonated with so many and for ever proved that a woman lead superhero movie can not only succeed, but blow the competition out of the water.

Other favorites of 2017 included “It”, “Baby Driver”, “Lady Bird”, and “Spider-man: Homecoming.” Some films that were so good in 2016 managed to make it on the list as well. It seems that even being released two years ago “La La Land” and “Moana” are still on people’s top 10 for 2017.