Black Panther offers cultural shift

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Black panther was released in theaters on Thursday. The film was highly anticipated by fans and critics as a step in the right direction for minority representation in films.

The film itself far exceeded expectation in its promise of giving a racially progressive viewpoint. Black Panther successfully broke away from the classic Caucasian and majority culture viewpoint many superhero films take.

A cast of almost exclusively African-American actors is a welcome sight within the normally white-washed genre. Themes within the film deal with the deepest and most pressing issue of race in American culture. Black Panther offers a welcome break from the vapid and tired plots from most superhero movies.

In an article in The Atlantic, film reviewer Christopher Orr says, “Yes, Black Panther is another multizillion-dollar installment in the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that is not all that it is… The arguments Black

Panther undertakes with itself are central to its architecture, a narrative spine that runs from the first scene to the last.”

In every aspect the film celebrates the beauty and cultural importance of African-Americans Ruth Carter who has designed wardrobe for over forty films in her career beautifully did the wardrobes for Black Panther. Each costume pulls from a period of African history.

Kendrick Lamar Grammy winning hip-hop artist was in charge of developing the soundtrack for Black Panther. Even before the film was released the soundtrack was being touted as a success and achievement for the Hip-Hop genre. It utilizes a wide variety of artist within multiple genres to develop a unique and wonderfully expressive soundtrack.

Black panther offers a cultural shift within the film industry for the better. Giving many who felt they had no representation within movies a place to find familiarity and pride with their ethnicity.