What to do with the old bookstore

Angel Rosas , Staff Writer

Losing the original book store came as a surprise for most of us. However, what makes the move so interesting is all the possibilities for the open room.

Whether or not you love or hate the new one-stop-shop bookstore you can’t deny that having an empty room waiting for construction at the very least peaks your interest.

Most of us have joked with friends about turning it into some sort of indoor Jacuzzi or a small animal petting zoo, all in jest.

Putting aside the joke, I find myself hopping that Linfield takes something of a risk for the future of this vacant room. Transforming it into another student lounge is not even a slight gamble.

I understand from Linfield’s perspective that anything more than a few desks and chairs could cost a lot, but the potential to make this room an actual benefit for students is worth the cost.

A problem I hear that comes up so often is the limited food options on campus. Everyone on the school meal plan can agree that there is at least one day of the week where Dillin has nothing to offer. You have two options with those Flex points: Starbucks and Wildcat Express.

But if we had a third option put in that corner room, I can guarantee there would be far less people complaining about the lack of options.

I love getting my work done and having a place to do it, but I know that no student is in desperate need for another room filled with chairs and tables.

Every residence hall has a study room, there is a library filled with chairs and tables, and hundreds of classrooms (most of which are completely empty at some point of the day and available for students.)

We don’t need another lounge. Give the hungry college students a break.