Perfect Valentine treat

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

Valentine’s day is getting closer and closer and for those who are celebrating this day with someone special, the time to get them a present is closing in. Sure flowers are great but they die. The gift that will never die is chocolate.

With chocolate the possibilities are wide and the ways to show your affection will be as sweet as your sweetheart. There’s always the stereotypical heart shaped box of truffles but buying those can be unpredictable. You almost have to buy from a well known chocolateer to know you’re getting the best. Almond Rocas are a great choice for those who enjoy toffee but please avoid it if your special someone has a nut allergy. Ferrero Rocher is the fanciest way to have a nutella filled treat and they come in a handful of chocolate variations.

However, the best way to show you care is to get your Valentine their favorite candy. This could be as fancy as Lindor truffles or Ghirardelli squares or as simple as a Butterfinger. Don’t forget that chocolate isn’t the only option as there is also Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, and all fruity, gummy candy for people who may not like chocolate or can’t eat it.