Best rom com couples from movies #CoupleGoals

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer

Valentine’s Day is approaching on Wednesday this year, so this gives forgetful significant others a chance to still find a gift for their special someone.

Some might celebrate Valentine’s Day on a night out or plan a casual night-in with some movies. If the movie idea is similar to your plans this Valentine’s Day, here are some movies with the cutest couple stories. Warning: they will put your couple goals to shame.

Couple #1: Albert Brennaman and Allegra Cole from “Hitch (2005).”

These two are the absolute definition of adorable and follow the trope of opposites attracting. Albert seeks the help of Hitch, a dating adviser for men like Albert who lack confidence around women.

Allegra is a client from Albert’s firm that he admires for her personality and charm. Even though Hitch helped Albert out of his comfort zone, it was Albert who won the heart of Allegra in the end. From his interesting dancing skills to his wolf-whistling at basketball games, Allegra found Albert refreshing and the two of them together made a lasting partnership.

Couple #2: Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy from “Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001).”

Another odd couple that is hilarious to watch nonetheless, is the awkward Bridget Jones and the uptight Mark Darcy.

Bridget is a free spirit who is trying to make adjustments in her life. She aspires to lose weight, quit smoking and drinking, get a better job, and attempt to have a decent love life. While having an affair with her disreputable boss, Daniel, Bridget crosses paths with Mark Darcy. Mark has known her since she was a child and is her complete opposite. He is more buttoned-up and has his life planned out, so he thinks.

Yet when Bridget and Darcy interact with each other, the audience can’t get enough of their funny encounters and quirky banter. Forget Daniel, Mark is the perfect partner for Bridget.

Couple #3: Lucy Eleanor Moderatz and Jack Callaghan from “While You Were Sleeping (1995).”

Lucy, a lonely woman full of wanderlust, ends up saving the life of the man she has a crush on and is accidentally mistaken for his fiancée by his family while he’s in a coma. Yet she ends up falling for the man’s brother Jack, who in-turn falls for Lucy’s kindness and her quirky personality.

So cuddle up to that special someone and watch one of these movies together. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and eat a lot of chocolate.