Students make most out of Jan term break

Braelyn Swan, Staff Writer

January term is a great chance to study abroad, take time away from school, be with family, or pick up a few extra credits for the month. This last January term Linfield students did all of this and so much more.

Senior Ashlyn Edmundo had the opportunity to take a January term course abroad in New Zealand where students studied culinary science: beer brewing, wine, and food. “It’s a cool course,” Edmundo said. Edmundo says her favorite academic experience was learning how hot chocolate is made at She Universe in Governors Bay, New Zealand.

“We learned from a Columbian chocolateer. She taught us what goes into making chocolate; the makeup of the cacao bean and how they are used to make chocolate,” she said.

Edmundo said she loved white water rafting the Biller River.

“I really think it brought our class closer together and we definitely had fun raging down the rapids.”

Sophomore Maddie Brunkhart went home to Missoula, Montana for the month where she stayed busy with a job at a law firm and babysitting once a week.

“I missed my friends, but I enjoyed getting to spend time with my family and my dog,” Brunkhart said.