Sustainability coordinator resigns, committee searching for replacement

Kyle Huizinga, Staff Writer

Duncan Reid, Linfield’s current sustainability coordinator, will resign from his position at the start of spring semester.

Reid is a Linfield alumnus who has held the position since 2013.

During his five-year tenure as the first sustainability coordinator at Linfield, Reid established many programs and events based on sustainability and environment.

“Sustainability is a lens through which we can view the world. It is a lens that allows us to consider the well being of the whole as necessary for the well being of the individual,” said Reid on the Linfield Sustainability website.

“It tells us that caring about our community and the environment are necessary to have a thriving economy.”

Programs such as Greenware, Sustainably Oriented Interconnected Living, and Earth Week can all be attributed to him.

TJ Day Hall also recieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification for sustainable building practices

Reid, between his time as a student and faculty, dedicated a total of nine years to bettering the Linfield and McMinnville communities.

When he was a student, he created the Greenfield Club, which has brought countless numbers of students together who are passionate about the environment and sustainability.

Reid feels that his time at Linfield was “fulfilling” and said that he will “never forget the time spent here.” Reid’s principal purpose for resigning from the position was to pursue goals that he had put on hold while he was working here.

Reid will spend the coming months traveling and volunteering with different organizations around the world.

The search for a new sustainability coordinator will be held over the coming months, and an interim coordinator has stepped in to maintain the goals of the office over spring term.

Sarah Stark, a recent graduate from Linfield, has taken the position. Stark graduated with a degree in environmental policy in 2016. During her time at Linfield, she worked within the Office of Sustainability and was the president of Greenfield.

Stark looks forward to coordinating the office over the coming months and continuing the legacy of progress that was championed by its former director.