Exhibit near completion

Elizabeth Stoeger, Managing editor

Taking a more esoteric approach to her senior thesis, Zoya Miller, ’18, created an exhibit for the Linfield Anthropology Museum focused on the history of the museum itself.

“Discoveries and Donations: A Retrospective of the Linfield Anthropology Museum” will open on Dec. 5. There will also be a reception at noon on Tuesday to celebrate the opening.

“Not a lot of people on campus know that the museum exists… so I thought that this might be a good way raise public awareness about it. It’s a way to kind of revive the museum,’” Miller said.

An anthropology major, Miller has been been interested in archaeology since her sophomore year when she began volunteering for the museum.

Over the summer, she began to work on the exhibit, gathering information and looking through old folders. But her work hasn’t slowed down, “it is still going to be down to the last minute when we’re installing the exhibit and finishing up. But that’s how it always goes.”

“I can’t wait to be able to see Zoya’s exhibit come to life,” said junior Maiti Hunter. “She has been working on this project since we finished our museums class last spring.”

“I know it’s going to be amazing,” Hunter said.

“Once you start printing the signs, getting everything built, put together, it all becomes real and you can see in the real world all the work you’ve put in over the past few months,” Miller said.

The exhibit will consist of three parts. The first is an overview of the exhibits and donations to the museum that spans from 1984, the beginning of the museum, to the present.

Along with that will be a review of the history of each collection, as well as those who donated the objects.

In the front, the wide variety of objects in the museum will be on full display.

The exhibit in the Linfield Museum, located on the first floor of Walker Hall, is free and open to the public.