Save the flex

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

With the end of the semester closer than many students realize—yes there are only four weeks of class remaining—some students are hanging on to the last three dollars for that emergency coffee during finals week. While others still have more flex dollars to spend than they can handle.

If you’re a student who hasn’t bought multiple pumpkin spice lattes and a handful of peppermint mochas already, there is no need to rush to throw your flex away.

Many students, especially freshmen, are unaware that flex dollars roll over from fall to spring semester.

Jan term however, does not work in same way. Flex from fall semester does not roll into Jan term.

But flex from Jan term also does not roll over into spring semester. The roll over only applies to fall to spring semester.

Although students have tried, Starbucks gift cards can’t be purchased with flex dollars anymore.

This is because the money that is paid with flex belongs to the school.

If a gift card was purchased using flex and then used at another Starbucks location, the college essentially loses that money.

If you do find yourself with extra flex dollars come spring, check out the Wildcat Express in Dillin Hall, they have cereal, candy, and snacks to stock up on for summer with the last few dollars in your account.

Alternatively you can use what you have left to buy Starbucks for those who help you move out at the end of the year.
Lastly you could treat your friends who were not as frugal as you are and be the hero they didn’t know they needed.