Students combine poetry and music

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

Liederabend is “the most beautiful combination of poetry and music” announced music professor Anton Belov. At a gathering of students from the Studios of Anton Belov and Hannah Penn, Linfield held its own Liederabend Thursday night in the Vivian Bull Music Building.

Liederabend is traditionally an intimate gathering of people to celebrate music. In the Linfield music building, students and McMinnville residents gathered to enjoy the vocal talents of Linfield music students. Some students performing with only six or seven lessons prior to this event.

With performances from professors Anton Belov and Hannah Penn along with students the evening had the audience laughing and listening intently.

Each vocalist began their piece with an “I statement” to open their performance. Hannah Terrell preceded her piece with “Oh what it’s like to be alone in this world.” Before performing The Silver Swan composed by Orlando Gibbons.

Jaime Foglesong opened with “My lover may be homely but still he is home” before performing El majo discreto composed by Enrique Grandos.

Gilberto Garibaldo stated “I am a proud Mexican, but my roots are in Granada” to precede his performance of Granada composed by Agustin Lara.

After the event audience member Natalie Michaelis commented “It was really enjoyable. It’s fun to be able to be in an informal setting to hear good music and enjoy one another’s company.