Linfield music students seeking performance venues presented many opportunities around McMinnville

Kyle Huizinga, Staff writer

Finding an outlet to perform can be an intimidating and confusing task. Luckily, there are many venues around the Linfield College area that are perfect for any performer.

There is no better way to gain experience as a performer than to just go out there and try.

A great first choice for any per- former on campus is Cat Cab, which hosts local musicians and students to play small sets.

It’s a good opportunity to play to a smaller and younger audience than if you were to perform on an off-cam- pus venue. Cat Cabs take place every Thursday in Fred Meyer Lounge located in Riley Hall.

To see if you can get a place on the schedule to perform or when the next Open Mic is scheduled, contact LCAT.

Junior theater major Antoine Johnson recommends trying to play live sets on radio stations.

Our own KSLC has many differ- ent broadcasts that allow musicians to play live on the air. College Radio day which takes place on October 6th every year hosts many student musicians.

Radio is a great opportunity to reach a new audience and perform in a different setting than traditional live music.

Junior mass communications major Hanna Rose Trailer recommends playing in local coffee shops and restaurants.

There are many local establishments that offer a spot for local musicians such as Union Block Coffee, NW Food and Gifts, Willamette Valley Tasting Room.

These allow for musicians to come and play, usually it is standard to contact the establishment prior to playing. Playing in smaller business settings allows for tips and can create connections with others to play different venues.

Junior music major Keelan Wells recommends performing by Busking or performing on the street. “This allows you to be comfortable performing in front of strangers, as you do it becomes more natural to perform to those you don’t know,” Wells said.

Playing on the street in Oregon with the weather can be difficult, but when the rain starts to clear it’s a perfect time to start challenging yourself to perform out of your comfort zone.

Third street would be a great location in the spring to perform on the street, with its relatively high traffic flow it allows for maximum exposure.

Linfield is also surrounded by wineries that host musicians in the spring. These performances are usually harder to book but they often pay well.

Wineries such as Brooks, Pinot Vista, and R Stuart Wine Bar all offer musical performances throughout the year.

These establishments can be contacted through their websites and usually have specific employees that control the performing schedule.

Wineries allow you to play to a wealthier audience, allowing for larger tips. Wineries also offer free food and drink to performers.

No matter where you are at currently in your personal musical development, there is a venue for you.

Going out and performing live is one of the hardest things a person can do, but you never know where it may lead.